5D Communication and the Agile Organisation

The Connected Organisation - New Organisations being built today need the best communication tools 

The best communication tools need to pass these 10 benefit tests:

1. Drive productivity - saving time and cost whilst bringing back the benefits of face-to-face team communication.  

Wainhouse study of 47,000 Users of Visual Communication highlighted the No 1 benefit;  94% of those surveyed cited this as productivity.

2. Support an agile network of teams - connected wherever they are, dramatically improving collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Deloitte's Global Human Capital report highlighted 62% of the 10,000 organisations are organised around project based teams. 

3. Drive faster understanding - using all the senses to communicate across projects, with teams focused on products, customers and services.

Thornburg Center for Professional Development states that images are processed 60,000 times faster than the written word.

Words are retained in the short term memory, whilst images are stored in the long term memory; so visual communication dramatically drives message retention performance higher. 

4. Visual communication tools that connect across any device and platform - enabling team members to use familiar devices.

Historically it has NOT been possible to communicate across different devices and platforms. This is now achievable with 5D communication tools, you should not accept anything less. 

5. Tools requiring minimal investment - no need to buy new systems, simply buy the ability to connect what you already have.

The historical practices of buying specialist hardware for visual communication are no longer required;  the vast bulk of desktop, laptop and mobile devices are equipped with cameras and micophones capable of managing video.  

6. Flexible tools - cater for whatever system or device a contractor, customer, partner or supplier has.

Think beyond your IT boundaries and drive communication externally to a new level, giving you a competitive edge.

7. Offer the IT team the solution they need to support the business - cloud based, scalable, usable across any device, any platform.  

Finally, IT have a business solution that caters for any eventuality or priority; be it sweating the investment in the video estate or opening up a state of the art Microsoft Surface Hub to talk to browsers, legacy video or video apps. 

8. The Finance team can utilise a set of communication tools that do not require massive investment as they can now use the devices they already have.

The Business case shrank! No massive hardware budget - software as a service monthly subscription, that neededn't be a central business cost. With both tangible productivity and travel offset costs. 

9. The leaders of the Business must get the ability to meet face to face with all associated benefits, without the travel cost and time loss.

Leadership and team mobility with a huge communication boost. What is that communication boost? Think of it this way:

- Every word is processed by the short term memory 

- Every image by the long term memory 

Face to Face Visual Communication gets your message across fast so that it is remembered.     

10. The boss must create an organisation that communicates effectively, works well within and across teams/projects thus enabling it to win and retain customers. 

With 26% of the S&P 500 disappearing last year, and companies disrupting existing business; the CEO of today requires an agile company with innovation and knowledge sharing at the heart of its core capabilities. Make sure you that you have the best tools for this purpose.  

5D communication tools deliver these 10 benefits, enabling your teams to share and comprehend knowledge quickly, using all their communication senses and adapt to the product, service or customer need.    

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