Use the devices you already have and are familiar with - just connect in the cloud.

You can turn every meeting room, desktop or laptop into a collaboration centre INSTANTLY - no more tedious conference calls, plus less travelling time!

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    No need for all this investment
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No need to move your teams, just move your mindset.

You may think video conferencing is expensive - and it was at £2000 - £8,000 for a video conferencing unit - but with a Virtual Meeting Space, you can connect to any video enabled device (with a camera and WiFi).

All it takes is a laptop or an AV screen, and a Virtual Meeting Space.

Click and connect, that's all it takes.

Bring everyone together.

Virtual Meeting Spaces are the answer that everyones been waiting for...

  • No need to buy new video units - a Virtual Meeting Space connects to everything!
  • Easy to use - your teams know how to use WiFi and their own screens.
  • Every device becomes a doorway into your Virtual Meeting Space INSTANTLY.
  • No need for a lengthy 'business case', no Capex, no new I.T, no problems connecting different devices.