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Customer Challenges

Customers are faced with many chanllenges to contend with when it comes to video communication. A major issue we encounter is how customers can connect different platforms and devices to one another.

For instance; Skype for Business is a great tool, particularly if you've invested in a Surface Hub or Skype Room System. However, it could be an issue if you want to connect with your:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Contractors

Any of these could possess a different platform or device that Skype for Business cannot connect to.

Business University - Midlands (UK)

As a Microsoft customer, this University faced 3 key challenges:

  1. To connect Microsoft video products to legacy video equipment both within the University and externally, linking with suppliers, customers and other universities
  2. Delivering a solution to faculty members that was flexible and straightforward enough to connect to any device or platform
  3. Ensure that the solution was scalable that could be managed and monitored remotely by their small, central AV team

With our video collaboration solution, they were provided with a service that:

  • Connected Microsoft video products to any other platform or device used by their external contacts
  • Enabled the central AV team to provision resources for the faculties and oversee service level performance
  • Faculty members could self-manage their video spaces, invites and meetings, requiring little assistance.
  • They could brand up different services for overseas campuses giving them their own identity, image, look and feel.

Legal Company - Top 50 Firm

The IT Director had several objectives he needed to achieve:

  1. Use of a video collaboration solution; connecting branch offices that house 2 different brands of legacy video hardware
  2. Provide stakeholders with a flexible solution:
    • Marketing wanted to increase flexible working practices so employees could avoid the city rush hour traffic.
    • HR required an interview tool that was flexible and could record their meetings for later review.
  3. To future-proof a move away from desktops to laptops with a scalable video collaboration solution for clients, partners and colleagues that they could use every day

With the Close video collaboration solution, they were provided with a service that:

  • Enabled the I.T. department to connect both brands of legacy video hardware together, as well as to any other platform or device used by their external contacts
  • Empower and promote flexible working and interviewing by allowing team members and interviewees to connect from any device or platform
  • Give the whole organisationeam the ability to connect with each other via video delivered to their browser

How did we help?

Close have now broken beyond the restraints of mainstream video solutions by delivering 5 Dimensional (5D) Communication:

  • 1D - Connect Audio
  • 2D - Screen Share
  • 3D - Meet face-to-face
  • 4D - Connect from any device
  • 5D - Connect from any platform*

We offer our customers the flexibility and scope of being able to connect visually from any device, on any platform.*

Companies big and small can now:

  • Connect team members face-to-face, screenshare and record
  • Connect to suppliers, customers, partners and contractors
  • Connect Skype for Business, video equipment, video apps and browsers; extending overall visual communication reach

*Google Hangouts interop is not yet available

Book a Demo Here

Booking a demonstration couldn't be easier.

Simply select the date and time you need using the calendar; with options of 15 or 30 minute demos. You will then receive an email inviting you to the demonstration with instructions on how to join.

Then, simply join the demo by:

  • Clicking a link
  • Entering the room address in Outlook as a 'new contact' email and selecting how you wish to connect
  • Accessing from video - dial the IP or SIP/email address
  • Dialing in on audio - dial the room number and enter the pin

The meeting space/room invite has joining options for:

  • Video equipment - Polycom, Cisco, etc.
  • Skype for Business
  • Any Laptop or Desktop Browser
  • Video Apps
  • Audio

You require a minimum of 1Mbps download and upload speeds for a good quality video call experience.

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