Customer Challenges

As a Reseller, you will have customers who have face a number of problems when it comes to communication. A major issue we have encountered is how customers are able to connect different platforms and devices to one another.

For instance; Skype for Business is a great tool, particularly if you've invested in a Surface Hub or Skype Room System. However, it could be an issue if you want to connect with your:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Contractors

Any of these could possess a different platform or device that Skype for Business cannot connect to.

Reseller - Impressing a Client

This Italian Reseller wanted to impress a global brand by offering them their own personalised identity on their service.

The solution was simple:

  • The Close demonstration team showed the Reseller how to brand up a powerful demonstration in minutes
    • High-Definition Hero image
    • Bespoke tagline that reflected the companies mission
    • Brand Logo with 'Maserati' proudly displayed

Needless to say, the customer was impressed and immediately started testing the service.

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Use Cases

Powerful Tools, In-depth Insights

Fully provision your own service.

End-to-end branding options available.

View your customer's usage:

  • See what equipment they are connecting with
  • View equipment that is past its' end of life and needs replacing
  • Arm your Sales and Customer Success teams with insight into your customers needs

Enable Your Customers

The benefits of Visual Communication have been highlighted as:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Greater impact on decisions (getting better input, faster)
  • Make better business decisions much faster - Wainhouse Research Group

With Close, you will be able to offer your customers 5 Dimensional (5D) Communication:

  • 1D - Connect Audio
  • 2D - Screen Share
  • 3D - Meet face-to-face
  • 4D - Connect from any device
  • 5D - Connect from any platform*

Offer your customers the flexibility and scope of being able to connect visually from any device, on any platform:*

  • Connect team members face-to-face, screenshare and record
  • Connect to suppliers, customers, partners and contractors
  • Connect Skype for Business, video equipment, video apps and browsers; extending their visual communication reach.

*Google Hangouts interop is not yet available

Book a Demo Here

Booking a demonstration couldn't be easier.

Simply select the date and time you need using the calendar; with options of 15 or 30 minute demos. You will then receive an email inviting you to the demonstration with instructions on how to join.

Then, simply join the demo by:

  • Clicking a link
  • Entering the room address in Outlook as a 'new contact' email and selecting how you wish to connect
  • Accessing from video - dial the IP or SIP/email address
  • Dialing in on audio - dial the room number and enter the pin

The meeting space/room invite has joining options for:

  • Video equipment - Polycom, Cisco, etc.
  • Skype for Business
  • Any Laptop or Desktop Browser
  • Video Apps
  • Audio

You require a minimum of 1Mbps download and upload speeds for a good quality video call experience.

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