Video communication brings everyone back together and now Close Virtual Meeting Spaces connect those people from any technology device or platform!


Today 74% businesses in the UK have flexible working policies - which means up to 14 million of us are now working from home - wherever home might be.  Great for the employee and the employer and challenging at the same time;

  • How do we keep the teams connected and together
  • What is the best technology to keep them connected.  It is NOT email and the phone anymore
  • Face to face communication is still the best at driving decisions and positive cultures
  • Choosing the right video collaboration solution then becomes paramount to retain and improve team collaboration and a connected workforce

Flexible Working.pngClose Virtual Meeting Spaces deliver the solution.

A Close Virtual Meeting Space is a 'virtual video conferencing connection'. An online meeting space that connect anyone and any video endpoint can connect to.  So whether you are at home, in the office or in a coffee shop, you can still connect with everyone.

  • Leadership teams can relax - their messages aren't being diluted.
  • Everyone's staying in touch and still working together as a team.
  • There's no new technology to buy and there's no 'new system' to learn.
  • And of course, you get to keep the savings in travel expenses!