What are Virtual Meeting Spaces?

Cloud-based video meeting rooms which can be joined from any device or platform.

A Meeting Space is a place where you can meet colleagues face-to-face, without wasting time travelling or incurring unneccessary costs. They also dramatically improve communication and collaboration by enabling you to share documents and images.

Meeting Spaces enable you to join from any platform or device including:

  • Video equipment you've already invested in
  • Skype for Business or a video collaboration app
  • Browsers with video and screen sharing enabled, such as Google Chrome and Firefox

Why Use A Meeting Space?

Wainhouse Research reported a 6 fold increase in the usage of Visual Collaboration from 38m users in 2013 to 237m users in 2016.

The top three benefits noted were:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • A positive impact on discussions
  • Better decisions made faster

Why are people striving to improve productivity and make better decisions faster?

Today, competition has intensified - the average S&P company stays in the Top 500 for only 16 years, driving companies to innovate and adapt faster; something they struggle to do that if they cannot communicate effectively.

Large companies now need to:

  • Innovate quicker
  • React swiftly to new competitive threats
  • Collaborate more effectively across teams based in different locations, quickly and efficiently

Tools that increase productivity and increase the speed of understanding are vital to companies that need to be far more flexible.

How Virtual Meeting Spaces Help

They enable users and teams to share ideas and information, using all 3 communication styles:

  • Audio - listen to the tone of the message
  • Eye to Eye - see people and read their body language
  • Imagery - share pictures people can interpret quickly

Close brings face-to-face communication up-to-date, with 4 Dimensional Communication (4D). Enabling face-to-face meetings from any device

This is effective as you comprehend information 60,000 times faster if you can actively employ all 3 of these communication styles at once.

Any device access means you can use familiar devices, you already understand that removing the fear of old, unfamiliar video conferencing equipment and replacing it with confidence.

communication_styles.png close_60000x_4x.png
What is 5D Communication?

5 Dimensional Communication (5D) occurs when you enable access from any platform, as well as any device (4D).

Why use 5D?

Flexibility. Now you can collaborate across any platform; you're no longer restricted to a specific platform. Simply use whatever is convenient.

Microsoft currently lead the market in 4D Communication with Skype for Business. However, 5D communication now opens up Microsoft to be able to connect with video conferencing equipment, browsers and apps, giving the I.T team new options.

This is why Close offer 5D Communication.

Book a Demo Here

Booking a demonstration couldn't be easier.

Simply select the date and time you need using the calendar; with options of 15 or 30 minute demos. You will then receive an email inviting you to the demonstration with instructions on how to join.

Then, simply join the demo by:

  • Clicking a link
  • Entering the room address in Outlook as a 'new contact' email and selecting how you wish to connect
  • Accessing from video - dial the IP or SIP/email address
  • Dialing in on audio - dial the room number and enter the pin

The meeting space/room invite has joining options for:

  • Video equipment - Polycom, Cisco, etc.
  • Skype for Business
  • Any Laptop or Desktop Browser
  • Video Apps
  • Audio

You require a minimum of 1Mbps download and upload speeds for a good quality video call experience.

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