What do we mean?

We allow you to interview candidates on any camera-enabled device.

  • Devices you already have
  • Devices you are familiar with
  • Devices you have already invested in

For years, interviewers, recruiters and candidates have thirsted for a visual-based recruitment solution. Now it’s here.

Your requirements list might look something like this:

  1. Can I interview a remote candidate with superb video quality (high definition)?
  2. Can I record that meeting and send the recording to others to view/review?
  3. Can I ask the candidate to join easily, with a simple invite email and a single click to join?  
  4. Can I save the candidate travel time and expense?
  5. Can I connect to them easily for further interviews, simply emailing them with joining instructions?
  6. Can I use the same tool for pre-onboarding meetings, reducing the risk of the "Sorry I took another offer" scenario?
  • The answer to all six is yes!
  • You interview using a Business Meetings Gateway.
  • Candidates join from video units, including browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Skype for Business, Lync, or Video apps like Cisco Jabber or Polycom Realpresence in full high definition.
  • Business-class quality interviews with a single click.
  • Screenshare, record and chat, no matter how your attendee joins you.


Giles Houston

Sales Director

Recruiting using our Collaboration Rooms could not be simpler or more secure, Business Class quality interviewing and recording are all within easy reach with a simple monthly subscription.

We can Brand the service to match your company look and feel to create that all important first impression!