David Kelham

Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

David likes the numbers, however, he has a fascination for what drives the numbers.
With Haines Watts, David has restructured the companies finances and optimised the tax efficiencies to give Close a firm foundation.


About Close

Trading divison of meetonvc Ltd.

Now 4 years old, Close began with a vision of bringing people closer. We provide our customers the ability to host video meetings from any platform or device, allowing them to click, connect and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Close strives to make face-to-face communication available to everyone, offering a solution that gets you making better business decisions, faster, together, whilst increasing productivity and reducing travel and costs.


Simon Hunt

Chief Executive Officer

"Too many companies prioritise the bottom line before their own people and customers. Today, the communication revolution is ironic, going back to face-to-face communication after years of conference calls and emails".

Being efficient means getting people engaged, making sure they're all pulling in the same direction. The result is more productivity, highly engaged employees, successful teams and happy customers.

Our true North as a company is helping people work closer together, to make better business decisions faster, together.


Giles Houston

Sales Director

Giles brings extensive global sales leadership experience from his background in Cloud, SaaS, Datacenters and Unified Communications.

His early career also included working in Rugby and Skiing businesses - in pursuit of the perfect job!


Andy Rawll

Pre-Sales and Product

Andy joined Close to lead Pre-sales service delivery. An industry veteran, he has spent the last 12 years in the UC and AV markets. More recently he was in charge of Polycom's VaaS service here in EMEA.
He is a driven professional that is hungry to deliver cloud solutions for his clients and to move their visual collaboration forward. He's a delightful addition to the team, strengthening our service offering at a key time in our evolution.

Andy likes to keep fit and his passion is music.


Ben Wood

Platform Software Engineer

Ben leads the development of the Close Platform working closely with Andy Rawll, Product and Jim Walker, Engineering.

Ben has a passion for developing "scalable solutions" and in his spare time loves Cycling and his young family.


Jim Walker


Jim loves servers and optimising their efficiency. He built the Global Network and server infrastructure for Scansafe, Wandera before moving to Close Global to do the same.

He manages the Microsoft Azure server and global network performance.

His interests outside of work include DIY and Motorcycling.


Mark Pearce

Marketing Operations

Mark joined Close shortly after graduating University with a degree in Criminology and Psychology. Originally bound for the Police, Mark took up an internship with Close, which reignited his passon for technology and he has been an integral part of the team ever since.

As a member of the Marketing team, he works primarily on digital marketing, analytics and the design and creation of the website.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, running and going to the gym, watching far too much television and film and playing video games.


Mesha Beasley

Creative Designer

Mesha graduated from studying Surface Design & Printed Textiles at University in 2016. After working in multiple design positions, she took up an internship with Close. Since April, she has worked part time for the company.

As a key member of the Marketing team, she spends most of her time designing and creating infographics and marketing materials. She also has a say in everything involving the design, concept and style of a company

Being a very sociable person, she is also a huge lover of food and constant chatter.


James Welch

Marketing Director

James has a wealth of expertise in online, B2B sales techniques.

James joins the Close team to develop our direct sales business and add marketing firepower to our online sales.

Outside of work he...