Global Audio Service Increased

We have vastly increased the country coverage to over 30 countries - View New Audio Coverage.

From April 1st all audio is now pay-as you-go at 2.5p a minute .

We will continue to enhance the service with 'call me' and 'toll free' services - these are already in the development pipeline.

If you require additional countries, please request them via the audio page - Request more countries or services here.

World map with phone symbols in the countries/regions that Close offers audio call coverage.
Pay as you Go text below a Pound symbol in a pink circle
New PAYGo Rates - Personal Room

The new personal rooms service offers:

  • Pay as you Go Audio from 2.5p a minuts
  • Pay as you Go Video from 12.5p a minute

These rooms enable you to offer:

  • A single class of service across your customers
  • An alternative to subscriptions for team members with lower usage
  • An ideal solution for Skype for Business customers who need multiple rooms
  • A flexible option that will not blow their budgets

Screen Share Service

With the release of this simple service, we are increasing the options available to you:

  1. Video Conference
    • provides access to all services - video, screen share and audio
  2. Audio & Presentation
    • provides access to audio and presentation / screen share only
  3. Presentation Only
    • enables you to drive a presentation

The 'Presentation Only' option is designed to give presentation capablities to those users attending the meeting from a video unit, enabling them to present from a secondary device, eg. a laptop

Screeshot of thenew Close Join a Meeting Page
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