Close Integrates with Tech Data's

StreamOne Catalogue


Electronic Distribution
  • Close are distributing their collaboration products through StreamOne
  • StreamOne is Tech Data's e-catalogue as of September 2017
  • The catalogues turnover is currently circa $2.8bn supplying 22,000 resellers across 19 countries
  • The catalogue deployment is across Europe and the USA in three/four phases
  • The integration itself enables a reseller to provision the Close platform automatically from within Streamone


Automatic Provisioning

  • The reseller is created in the Close platform and their "Reseller Site" auto provisioned
  • The reseller contact is qualified as "The Commercial Product Lead" and then revenue activation begins
  • All resellers buy a "Not for Resale demo room" that is again auto provisioned
  • The Reseller Commercial Contact then enroles his/her "team in Vmeet" to be trained


Revenue Activation Training takes place across:-
  • Reseller Technical Support - so they are familiar with the provisioning portal and meeting portal
  • Reseller Marketing Teams - so they can promote the SaaS to their customers with typical Use Cases
  • Reseller Sales Teams - so they know how to Pitch, Demo and set up free 14 day trials
  • Reseller Training takes place using short video's, web pages and short Q & A sessions
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  • Close maintains complete visibility of every contact and where they are in the revenue activation journey
  • Every step of the process is controlled by Automated workflows and "personal sales sequences"
  • Closes team of 7 Graduates run the Marketing and Sales workflows with Support from Giles Houston
  • Andy Rawl engages the Tech Support teams with online Q & A sessions    


  • Once the platform is provisioned, the reseller can provision services for their clients instantly
  • Initial SKU's listed in StreamOne are:
    • Close & Vmeet Personal, Team and Video Rooms
    • Available in monthly or annual subscriptions
    • To scale large Microsoft Skype for Business requirements Pay as you Go tariffs are available
  • The billing is managed electronically, directly into SAP - Tech Data's finance system




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