Pexip Cloud from Close

Video Meetings from any device or platform

Close - a Pexip-based Cloud Service

Close provide Video meetings from any device and platform using the Close Platform. At the Core of that platform is Pexip that provides the core platform interoperability.

What do we mean by Interoperability - we mean the ability to Meet face to face using video, to share content and chat across platforms. 

Interoperability Example:

A law company has a typically mixed estate of equipment and IT - from Video units in the board and meeting rooms, Skype for Business on the desktop and Browsers on laptops.

This is a Typical Close / Pexip customer, they want Face to Face meetings to take place between the users, irrespective of the platform (Video/Skype/Browser)   

Azure Data Centre Network

The Close Service runs on an Azure Data Centre Network

That provides a secure and global network with the following additional benefits and scope:

- We have 39 Data Centres globally we can deploy in

- That gives scope for local data centres 

- As well as Sovereign data centre coverage

This gives Close enormous reach but also makes us a natural choice for those IT directors that prefer Microsoft solutions.

We have a number of Skype for Business, Surface Hub and Skype Room Systems based Use Cases aswell as 1 click meeting launch tools for Outlook with Skype Connector and Browser Connector.      

View the Use Cases

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Connect Your Existing I.T

Customers often struggle to collaborate with the outside world, as their existing collection of I.T can't connect to everyone elses. With Close, that's no longer an issue. Close offers a solution allowing for the use of devices people already have and are familiar with. Connect anyone, any time, on any platform or device, without the need for further investment in new hardware.

Attendees will be able to meet with your customers from any standards based video conferencing solution, mobile, tablet or web browser - they could even join from audio.

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Provision Quickly and Easily

Close offers customers a hassle free way to quickly provision the service across the globe to their customers; providing them with the ability to join in high-quality video meetings from anywhere in the world.

With the Close Meeting Portal, you have the ability to set up companies and contacts and manage rooms quickly and easily, allowing you to provide your customers with their solution in a matter of minutes. You will also have access to in-depth reporting tools and an operations dashboard, giving you an insight into the quality of the service, helping you to better Support your customers.

Brand Your Meeting Service

With Close, there's no need to worry about complicated demos. Close's speciliast demo team will be there to assist you every step of the way, so you can be confident that no matter the customer or the use case, we have your back covered.

Stand out from the rest and impress with a branded Portal, Dashboard and Meeting Space. Close provides you with an attractive and professional looking tool that will increase conversions, with very little leg work but plenty of support.

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Seeing is believing - 14day Free Trial

Experience first-hand the impact Close could have on your business; see for yourself why you should offer your customers a single solution to their connectivity issues that works seamlessly with the devices and platforms they already have and are familiar with.

Visit Close Global Free Trial now to sign up.

Need more information? Then book a demo with our Specialist Team using the link below and learn from the experts just how beneficial Close will be to your Team members and customers and alike.

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