You've bought an AV unit and you've invested in Skype for Business. Now connect them via Virtual Meeting Spaces!

It's simple.

You get everyone talking face-to-face in a Virtual Meeting Space.

Virtual Meeting Spaces are hosted in the Cloud. Skype for Business, video conferencing units (Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize etc.) - in fact all kinds of video equipment - can connect to each other seamlessly. There's no new hardware to buy and no software to install.

Best of all, your teams have nothing 'new' to learn.

Don't miss out on getting the most value from some of your biggest IT and AV investments!

Skype for Business to Video Unit.png


People love Virtual Meeting Spaces because there's nothing to worry about.

  • If you're using Skype for Business, you stay 'inside' Skype for Business.
  • You set up a contact in Outlook for your virtual meeting space for when you want to connect beyond Skype for Business.
  • Set up the Virtual Room in Outlook - add a contact first name "video" surname "room1"
  • Add the Virtual Space SIP address in the email field -
  • Then you have a choice
    • You drag the contact into the meeting and the video unit dials the Virtual Space SIP address...
    • ...or you add the video unit as an auto-participant to the Virtual Space (Virtual Space set-up options)
    • If you select this option, when you drag the contact into the room in Skype for Business, the virtual Space will dial the video unit automatically.
    • Use the Virtual Meeting Space screen share functionality to share content from Skype for Business to the video unit.
    • You can record meetings by accessing the Virtual Meeting Space and selecting record - then save or forward the meeting to save taking notes.
    • You can also stream content live or to an editing house, saving on studio costs!
  • Want to add someone on the phone as well? Easy. Everything connects to everything else!