3D Communication and the Connected Organisation

The Connected Organisation uses all 3 Senses to achieve faster understanding across its teams. 

However it's not only 60,000 times faster comprehension; there are 10 further huge benefits:

1. Drive productivity - saving time and cost whilst bringing back face-to-face team communication.  

2. Support an agile network of teams - connected wherever they are, dramatically improving collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

3. Drive faster understanding - using all the senses to communicate across projects, with teams focused on products, customers and services.

4. Visual communication tools that connect across any device and platform - enabling team members to use familiar devices.

5. Tools requiring minimal investment - no need to buy new systems, simply buy the ability to connect what you already have.

6. Flexible tools - cater for whatever system or device a contractor, customer, partner or supplier has.

7. Offer the IT team the solution they need to support the business - cloud based, scalable, usable across any device, any platform.  

8. Offer the Finance team a set of communication tools that do not require massive investment - the team use existing devices.

9. Offer the leaders of the Business the ability to meet face to face - without the travel cost and time loss of physical travel. 

10. Offer the boss an effectively communicating organisation - working within and across teams/projects enabling them to win customers. 

5D communication tools deliver these 10 benefits, enabling your teams to share and comprehend knowledge quickly, incorporating all their communication senses and quickly adapt to the product, service or customer need.    

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