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The Problem we address

Close solves the problem of achieving effective face-to-face communication. In today's world, this has many obstacles:

  • Mobile working; causing distance and a disconnect
  • Technology being the workplace, rather than a physical office
  • Team members working in different locations
  • Communication platforms that cannot connect to each other
  • Difficult-to-use devices with slow adoption rates

We tackle these using the Close Platform; without huge costs, saving diary time and travel. Increasing productivity whilst enabling the close-knit teamwork and business momentum you need.

The Close Platform enables you to meet face-to-face on any platform or device - 3 Dimensional Communicaton (3D).

Download the 'What Problems do we Address' PDF for a more detailed explanation of the problems we address.

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What is 3D Communication?

Communication has evolved through a number of dimensions:

  • 1D - Audio conferencing; the majority of participants 'listen,' comprehension is relatively slow and participants are likely to lose concentration.
  • 2D - Screen sharing; participants see powerful images, which are discussed over audio.
  • 3D - Visual Communication; a combination of all 3 styles in order to become fully involved in the communication, the ability to listen, share images and read participant's reactions and engagement.

Research shows that utilising 3D Communication enables people to understand concepts, issues and problems 60,000 times faster than if using only 1 dimension of communication.

Microsoft then created a game changer by moving into 4D Communication with Skype for Business - delivering 3D Communication from any device.

However, even Skype for Business has its limits; it only connects you with other Skype for Business users.

Beyond 4D Communication

Close have now broken beyond the restraints of mainstream video solutions by delivering 5 Dimensional (5D) Communication:

  • 1D - Connect Audio
  • 2D - Screen Share
  • 3D - Meet face-to-face
  • 4D - Connect from any device
  • 5D - Connect from any platform*

We offer our customers the flexibility and scope of being able to connect visually from any device, on any platform.*

Companies big and small can now:

  • Connect team members face-to-face, screenshare and record
  • Connect to suppliers, customers, partners and contractors
  • Connect Skype for Business, video equipment, video apps and browsers; extending their visual communication reach.

*Google Hangouts is the current exception

The Benefits of 5D Communication

5D communication overcomes all the obstacles that have previously blocked the path to effective face-to-face communication. By connecting you to any platform using the devices you're familiar with, we enable you to meet with anyone, anywhere, in a matter of seconds!

The Outcome of this is:

  • The removal of unnecessary travel time, cost and stress
  • Boosted productivity; you can get far more done, in less time
  • Improved collaboration; it's easier to meet!
  • Better, faster decision making, everyone on the same page

Your employees will become more engaged and will appreciate the business using sensible work tools that:

  • enrich their work; motivating and enabling them to learn fast
  • enable them to succeed
  • reduce the time spent travelling, sending emails and dialling-in to audio conferences
  • reduce carbon consumption; helping the environment

There is no huge investment because you employ devices you already have, and there are no massive capital investments, business cases or timescales.

Book a Demo Here

Booking a demonstration couldn't be easier.

Simply select the date and time you need using the calendar; with options of 15 or 30 minute demos. You will then receive an email inviting you to the demonstration with instructions on how to join.

Then, simply join the demo by:

  • Clicking a link
  • Entering the room address in Outlook as a 'new contact' email and selecting how you wish to connect
  • Accessing from video - dial the IP or SIP/email address
  • Dialing in on audio - dial the room number and enter the pin

The meeting space/room invite has joining options for:

  • Video equipment - Polycom, Cisco, etc.
  • Skype for Business
  • Any Laptop or Desktop Browser
  • Video Apps
  • Audio

You require a minimum of 1Mbps download and upload speeds for a good quality video call experience.

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